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Israeli's medicinal herbs association convention
Israeli's medicinal herbs association convention on "Medicinal herbs and women health" will take place on 13/02/2013 at "Dohal center", Tel aviv.
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Company Profile

SupHerbs Medicinal Plants is a privately-owned farm in Zippori, an agricultural village in the northern region of Israel.

The company was established in 1986, and has been supplying medicinal plants to the industry and commerce in Israel since 1990.  Our products have also been exported to Europe, The USA, Canada, and Japan.

We produce and process numerous raw materials, including medicinal herbs of Bio-Organic production, spices, botanical extracts and various food supplements. In addition to its own herb production, SupHerbs Offers a large selection of herbal and other products from local and foreign producers.


SupHerbs performs custom growing of herbs, using modern techniques of cultivation, but without the utilization of chemical pesticides. The raw plant material is treated with maximum care, beginning with obtaining of seeds from the best sources. For our principal products, quality is assured with the support of local or international laboratories. Tests are performed for marker-compounds, according to accepted standards. The timing and technique utilized for harvest and drying are determined with reference to laboratory analysis, in order to achieve optimal results. Oven or under-shade drying is used, depending on specific requirements.


SupHerbs maintains an “open line” with academy and research institutes in Israel, on the selection of proper genetic material, agro-technology etc. Small-scale experiments are carried out frequently. Their results are implemented on the farm.


In 1998, SupHerbs added a new area of activity, and formed Al Alim – Medicinal Herb Center. In addition to marketing SupHerbs products in the local market, Al Alim imports and trades in botanical extracts and other raw materials for the nutrientional supplement industry. Herbalists and students of alternative medicine from various schools in the country visit the center, and enjoy the opportunity to become familiar with the medicinal herb production. Al-Alim can also provide research services and consultancies to interested companies, in Israel or abroad.


Located only appr. 5 km from the Galilee city of Nazareth, SupHerbs cultivates some of the aromatic plants which have been used in this area for generations. We grow Hyssop (“Ezov”, Marjorana syriaca), which is mentioned in the Bible several times and is used widely today in the Land of Israel, both as a culinary herb ("Zaatar"), and as a folk medicine. We also grow the “White Zota” ( Micromeria fruticosa), a relative plant to the Zaatar and named in Arabic "tea zaatar". The Zota is an endemic plant to Israel, and adds a wonderful lemon-mint flavor to your herb tea.


By cultivating local herbs, we contribute to the conservation of these species, some are declared “protected species” by the Israel Nature Reserve Authority. We also practice ethical, controlled collection of various herbs or tree seeds from the wild, such as the local nettle (Urtica urens), chicory (Cichorium pulinum), Hawthorn (Crataegus azarolus), Pomegranate (Punica granatum) and others.


SupHerbs Medicinal Plants is a registered TradeMark in Israel. Al Alim Medicinal Herb Center is a registered company in Israel.

Español:  SupHerbs es un Centro de produccion, importacion y processo de plantas medicinales en el norte de Israel. Le demos un servicio completo, y hablamos español! llamanos porfavor, escribe o visitenos!