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Israeli's medicinal herbs association convention
Israeli's medicinal herbs association convention on "Medicinal herbs and women health" will take place on 13/02/2013 at "Dohal center", Tel aviv.
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!Hello, and Welcome to SupHerbs Medicinal Plants


SupHerbs Medicinal Plants is a partnership of companies in the field of TCM ingredients and raw materials.

The partner companies joined hands with the purpose  of developing sources and markets for superior materials for production of nutritional supplements and cosmetic .products

Partner companies in SupHerbs Medicinal Plants are  AL ALIM MEDICINAL HERB CENTER and the MOAV  CLINIC for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

SupHerbs imports raw materials and ingredients from China , from GMP-certified manufacturers , and  produces in Israel for the local market and neighbouring countries. 

Al Alim is a herb-growing farm located in the north of Israel, near Nazareth, within the agricultural community of Zippori. The company has been growing medicinal plants for the industry in Israel since 1990. The agricultural product line is complemented by a large variety of imported herbs, including Traditional Chinese and Ayurveda herbs, and  botanical extracts.

SupHerbs is certified for production, export, import and re-packaging

by the Ministry of Health in Israel

SupHerbs'  production is certified by the Israel Bio-Organic Agriculture Association (I.B.O.A.A), a member of IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture. The  local production is supervised by AgriOr, an inspection company endorsed by the Plant Protection Inspection Service: PPIS, of the Ministry Of Agriculture in Israel.

The produce is sold to wholesale dealers, professionals, and to the phyto-medicinal industry in Israel and abroad. Among our customers are botanical extracts producers, formulators, herbalists and  companies. A large number of products is also exported to Europe and to North America.

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Additional products and services in the area of herb production, processing and marketing are available. Consultancies for growers and producers are offered only to customers outside of Israel.

Areas of consultancy include: raw material production, organic growing, post-harvest processing, crop selection, crop and agrotechnology adaptation to climate and market requirements.


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